Live From 205

2017-2018 Staff

Mr. Vela

Executive Producer

Mr. Rene Vela teaches Video Production and Broadcast Journalism at Palos Verdes High School in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Mr. Vela graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University...

Melia Harlan

News Director

Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there. I’m Melia Harlan and I’m the proud News Dictator- I mean Director- of Live From 205. This is my fourth and final year and I’ve done pretty much everything: Writer, Reporter, One-Man-Band,...

Kevin Crump


Hey y’all, I am currently one of the proud anchors for this program. I entered this prestigious program the end of my freshman year along with my best friend Matias Mayesh (check him out), and have fallen in love ever since....

Matt Johantgen

Sports Anchor/Reporter

Aloha! I’m Matt. This is my first year in 205 and I am the Sports anchor. I haven’t won an award yet but I can feel one coming. As Naruto once said, “I won't run away anymore... I won't go back on my word... that is my ninja...

Kyle Ahn


I’m a sophomore in my first year at Live from 205. I never won an award, but yall already know I’m aboutta get one this year. You’ll see. Professional slow runner and a coffee connoisseur, touring the streets of Los Angeles...

Sereene Saab


Hey! I'm Sereene Saab, a junior at Palos Verdes High School. I've been in Live From 205 since the beginning of my sophomore year and let me tell you, it has been a wild ride. I love what I do. The fact that I can create raw video...

Max Stafford


Ahoy! My name is Maximilian Stafford (Max for short) and I am a junior photographer/editor for Live From 205. I was accepted into 205 at the end of my freshman year. This is my second year in the program, and by the end of my...

Molly Goldstein


What's up everyone?! My names Molly, and I'm a photographer/editor on live from 205, and currently in my senior year at PVHS. I mainly film and edit the stories on Live from 205, but have also reported and one-man-banded as well!...

Matias Mayesh


Howdy! Matias here, I got accepted into 205 at the end of my freshman year as a photographer/editor with my best friend Kevin Crump. At the end of my sophomore year I received the Bob Grace News Director Award (given by Hadeel...

Tally Gonzales


Salutations! I'm Tally Gonzales. I am an editor/photographer in 205 and I've been in 205 since the end of my freshman year. I love 205 and making videos, I have 116,000 views on my Teen Wolf video on youtube, so basically I've...

Sam Takano


My name is Sam Takano. I am a sophomore and it is my first year as an editor in 205. I like to skate, paint, and I play baseball. Looking forward to the upcoming years. Glad I got to "get involved" with this program.

Daniella Vincent


Hi! My name is Daniella Vincent. I joined Live From 205 the end of my sophomore year and ever since have been on this amazing journey. I haven't won an awards yet but am expecting a big win this year at the STN. Broadcast Journalism...

Sydney Myrick


What’s cooking good looking. My name is Sydney Myrick. I’m a sophomore here at PVHS and this is my first year here in 205. In the program i’m a photographer and editor and I can’t wait for all the 205 fun. My passions...

Rae Wang


Hey guys! My name's Rae Wang and this is my 3rd year in Live From 205 as a senior. Currently I'm an editor, reporter, and in charge of FSS (those little cube thingies at the end). I've won 3rd place for music video at STN and...

Sue Park


My name is Sue Park and I've been in 205 since my junior year. I'm a writer, which means I write and edit the copy, and work the teleprompter for the shows! Last year at STN, I won the Honorable Mention Award in Broadcast Newswriting....

Renee Moore


Howdy-do! My name is Renee Moore and I am a writer in Live From 205. This is my first year in the program. Even though Davis Moore said 205 only excepts winners, somehow I got in.

Davis Moore


My name is Davis Moore. I’ve been in the program for 1 full year now and at STN I won 1st Place in Breaking News with Sereene Saab. I’m 1 for 1. Meaning I have a 100% win ratio. Meaning I don’t lose. I love this program...

Gabriella Rudy


What's up guys, I'm Gabby and this is my second year as a reporter in 205! Last year I had the most incredible experience in this program, eventually winning "most improved", "most creative", and "best hair." Im also a championship...

Michael Ticknor


Hey! Michael here! This is my first and last year in 205 and I couldn't be happier to have been accepted into this prestigious program. When not reporting the news, I like to make nutribullet veggie smoothies and churn butter.

Hadley Richards


Bonjour! I’m Hadley Richards and this is my first year as a 205 reporter. I’m a junior at PV high and as a member of ASB and Cheer I Love school spirit! I can’t wait to show my love for this school through reporting.

Danny Rubio


Hola! I'm Danny rubio and This is my second year as a reporter on Live from 205. I am a singer as well as a Reporter and I give both my passions my 110%. Last year I won 3rd place in Commentary at the nation STN competition for...

Abby Mohaddes


Hi, I'm Abby! I'm a senior at PV. I've taken Video Production since freshman year, and it's my first year in Live from 205. I also love to perform in shows and spend time with my cat. I'm super pumped to be part of the 205 family...

Catalina Murray


Heyo! My name is Catalina Murray, this is my third year in Live From 205. For the past two years I have been a 205 writer, and this year I get to try out reporting.

Will Teets

Sports Reporter/Editor

It’s my second year in 205 and I like sports and I’m in sports. I also play sports...

Birk Swan

Sports Reporter/Editor

My name is Birk Swan. I am a sports photographer and editor. I am a lacrosse player and I can’t wait to see Matt grow as a anchor. He’s just great.

Brooke Evans

Sports Reporter/Editor

What's shaken bacon I'm Evans, Brooke Evans. I'm a sophomore here at PVHS and this is my first year in 205 as a sports reporter and editor. I love sports, 205, and dogs (not in that order). And I can't wait for STN in Tennessee...

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