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André Lendi
Hey guys it’s your boy André Lendi coming at you from the back of the bus! Check out my vids on YouTube (Pal & Broz Gaming). This is my first year in 205 I’m a photographer/editor. It’s been a passion of mine for about a year now after my mom put me into video production instead of World History AP. Mr. Vela always said how much of a family 205 is and I can say from personal experiences some of my classmates have become some of my most trusted friends. I also enjoy playing and watching soccer. I’m a huge fan of Arsenal, an English Premier League team. My main goal is to one day be the producer for 205. “If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you, that you can achieve your dream just by working hard.”- Rock Lee.

André Lendi, Photographer/Editor

Sep 13, 2019
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